Here at Frankferd Farms, we carry over 4,000 items in all different shapes, sizes, and weights.  For this reason, we only release one "hard copy" catalog per year. However, the most up to date prices can always be found at the catalog link below.  Prices are subject to change, so please consult our friendly office staff with any questions–we are happy to help!  Click the button below to view the catalog with our most up to date price listing.

Want to know where our products come from?  Check out a map of our local suppliers as well as a complete list of links to all of our suppliers' websites. 



Monthly Sales

Our monthly sales flyers serve a few purposes: showcasing our discounted items, updating information since the release of the last catalog, and giving all you fine folks an update on whats going on at the farm.  If you’ve ordered within the last few months, you’ll receive a sales flyer in the mail.  Otherwise, find it here!


Product Guides

We know that many of you have specific food allergies and preferences--so we've put together some guides to make shopping a bit easier.  Find a list of our wheat free and gluten free foods here.

Weekly Produce

We offer a different variety of organic produce every week.  Find this week's listing and prices here.  If you're looking to purchase a produce item that we don't carry, please call our office for information on special orders. 

Frankferd Favorite

  • KOMBUCHA! What the heck is it, anyways? First of all, let’s get the pronunciation straight: kom-BOO-cha. This fizzy, fermented drink can be traced back to ancient China where it was worshiped as a remedy for immortality.  According to lore, the tea was introduced to Japan by a Korean physician named Dr. Kombu Read the Rest…

  • These new candy bars are flying off of the shelves!  When you purchase one, you aren’t just buying a delicious treat- you are also supporting a few outstanding causes.  Equal Exchange makes a point to use fair trade to support small farmers.  Not only does this empower the farmers and Read the Rest…

  • If you thought you knew good salsa, think again.  Put simply, this stuff is awesome.  Like knock your socks off, can’t stop eating it until the whole pint is gone awesome.  All of the ingredients are super fresh and many of them (excluding the pineapple, of course) are grown in Read the Rest…

  •   What? Those pesky weeds have a purpose other than blemishing your perfectly manicured, freshly mowed lawn?  Yes! Actually, dandelions have an array of uses, both medicinal and food-related.  We won’t get into the amazing health benefits of the dandelion plant and root, but you can (and should) check them Read the Rest…

  • SHRUB. What the heck is it anyways? No, we aren’t referring to a small bush or woody plant.  We are talking about a syrup of sorts–one that found its popularity in colonial times. Before refrigeration existed, it was a great way to preserve seasonal fruits by simply combining fruit, sugar, and Read the Rest…

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